GeneList makes it easy to navigate research resources for each gene in a list

Search Addition
An R package is available to export lists of genes from R to
You can search GeneList using the 'Input' search panel. You can search by gene symbols (eg. CCNE1), Gene Ontology terms (eg. GO:0006281), and genomic coordinates (eg. chr1:100000-5000000). Searching by Gene Ontology term returns all genes annotated with the term. Searching by genomic coordinates returns all the protein coding genes within the given range. You can get a list of 10 random genes by clicking the 'Random' button in the header of the 'Input' panel. Clicking the 'Update' button returns your search results. Each gene panel in the search results can be expanded to show additional resource links by clicking the button on the far right of the gene panel ()
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